Construction will close Pumpkinvine between State Road 13 and CR 43 — 1 Comment

  1. I just returned from a 30 mile ride from Shipshewanna to Elkhart via the Pumpkinvine & Maple Heart trails. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in how this closure is being handled! There is nothing posted along the trail to tell you that you cannot reach the DQ parking lot from the trail. All it says at the CR43 rest stop is that the trail is "closed" 1 1/2 miles ahead (which is the distance to the DQ, implying you can reach it). If the section west of CR43 is going to be open AT ALL, then the suggested "detour route" needs to be posted there. Not in a tiny little sign (literally about 8" x 10") taped to the barricade fence at the END of the dead end. This is really inexcusable. When have you ever been driving in a car, and had to go to the end of "dead end" to get directions on how to get around on a detour??? Until this stretch is open, post the detour instructions at CR43. Please, use a little common sense and common courtesy!

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