Soil erosion on the Pumpkinvine requires immediate repairs

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Many creeks and drainage ditches cross the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail are often unnoticed because they flow under the trail through small culverts. Sometimes the culverts are at low points in the trail grade causing rain water to gather at the culvert and flow into the drain ditch at that point. The heavy rains this spring eroded the soil around a …

A serendipitous discovery saved the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail

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Land ownership disputes dominated development of the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail in early stages of the project. Settlements with neighbors sometimes involved trading parts of the railroad corridor for strips of land around the perimeters of farm fields. Friends hired Blake Doriot to conduct an especially difficult land survey of the railroad corridor between County Roads 127 and 26 in Elkhart …

Why is there a masonry wall along the trail in Middlebury?

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Why is there a masonry wall along the trail in Middlebury?   This story is about a decision made in 1888 that influenced the design of the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail over 120 years later. Edson and Mary Foster owned a farm immediately south of what is currently Sunrise Drive in Middlebury. In 1888 the Fosters granted a warranty deed to …

Quaker Trace Trail

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The Quaker Trace Trail seeks letters of support Friends of the Quaker Trace Trail are asking for demonstrations of public support. The Quaker Trace Trail is envisioned as a multi-use trail connecting Elkhart, Bristol and Middlebury running primarily along County Road 8. More information about their appeal for support can be found here. Follow this link for detailed information about …

Pumpkinvine Bike Ride registration

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2018 Pumpkinvine Bike Ride registration is open Early registration for the bike ride ended on May 16. Registration at a higher fee will continue through ride day on June 16. Visit for information about the ride and for a link to the ride registration site. Return to Recent Posts