Construction to Begin on Final Gap in Pumpkivine

Brittany ShortConstruction Update, Pumpkinvine News


The final stretch of trail to be constructed between C.R. 35 and C.R. 20 has hit an exciting milestone. We want to let you know that we recently awarded Niblock Excavating with the contract for this long-awaited project. In the coming weeks you will see machinery onsite as they begin moving dirt.

The segment provides many physical challenges due to the federally regulated wetlands and as much as 10 feet of peat below the corridor surface. Approximately 800 ft. of this 2,900 ft. stretch needs a specialized process of pre-consolidation, which prepares the soil for the trail and prevents future sinking and cracking. This process of compaction can take two to six months, and is a waiting game. The original goal was to have the trail completed by fall 2023, but it’s looking increasingly likely that it will be spring 2024 before this section sees its first users.

This new section of trail will largely follow the original Pumpkinvine railroad corridor, but also takes a slight detour on what was formerly private property. When complete, this partially wooded segment will be a user favorite and we can’t wait to share it with you.


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