Members Becoming Friends

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The Pumpkinvine Nature Trail would not be possible without the tremendous support of this community through volunteerism, sponsorships, advocacy, and donations. Because we value every commitment made to the trail, we are making a change to our donor recognition program to reflect that gratitude.  Rather than referring to those who donate as “members”, all donors will now be referred to as our “friends”.  This small change better reflects the important role that you play in our organization.


Q: Besides the name, is anything else changing?

A: While primarily a change in name and sentiment, we also will be discontinuing membership cards and their benefits. Due to the shrinking margins of our bike shop partners and the steady decline in membership card usage, we felt it was necessary to discontinue that program. Friends will continue to receive a heartfelt letter of thanks from our staff, and all necessary tax forms.

Q: Will there be changes to our corporate sponsorships?

A: No, there will be no change to our corporate sponsorships. All sponsors will continue to keep and maintain their current sponsorship levels. 

The Friends of the Pumpkinvine are committed to our wonderful trail’s completion and maintenance.  And we hope that you know how important your contributions are to that mission.  Thank you for being such great “Friends”.