Progress at CR 35

Brittany ShortConstruction Update, Middlebury

This summer, 650 feet of trail was built west of County Road 35 in Middlebury. Currently this section dead-ends, and is not open to the public. The remaining 2000 feet is expected to be constructed next year; which is currently the final remaining on-road gap in an otherwise connected Pumpkinvine Nature Trail. Phased construction was one of the terms negotiated during final land acquisition. The remaining corridor passes nearby wetlands and will require permitting through the Army Corps of Engineers, and a construction timeline that will extend in to 2022.

More information about progress on this final gap can be found here.

“Phase 1” as seen from CR 35. 650 feet completed in the summer of 2021.

Paved parking lot at County Road 35.

Completed asphalt.

Completed grading.

Stump removal.

Abandoned railroad corridor can be seen on the left. This photo is taken looking west onto “Phase 2”, which is expected to be completed next year.