That’s a wrap folks

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I’ve spent the last two weeks of my internship frantically trying to wrap up my different projects (with this blog post being the last of them). 

I finished up my management plan which clocked in at 27 pages, made a new home page for the website (check it out at  emailed approximately 5 billion people, and got bit by some more mosquitos. 
Yesterday I met with my supervisors for the last time over lunch (I highly recommend Kelly Jae’s Key Lime Pie), and then presented my work from this summer to the Friends board.
It would be impossible to quickly explain everything I did this summer. So I’ll just say I spent this summer learning a lot about what it means to be self driven and holding myself accountable to get my work done while also learning more about plants than I ever thought I would need to know.
So that’s basically it from me, I just want to say thanks for reading my blog posts this summer, and thanks to John Smith and John Yoder for giving me the opportunity to work on the Pumpkinvine this summer.
So this is Isabela Torres, signing off!