Pumpkinvine Nature Trail now on Street View in Google maps

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In 2016, the Goshen Park department used the Goggle Trekker to map the major trails in Goshen, including all of the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail. The results are available for use in Google Maps. Google Trekker allows you to see any part of the trail you choose. You can move the “trail view” along the trail by manipulating an arrow.  Follow these steps to see any portion of the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail.

  1. In your browser, type maps.google.com
  2. In either the road view or satellite view (which you can toggle with the little box in the bottom left side of the screen), move the map, using your cursor, to the portion of the Pumpkinvine you want to look at. (The Pumpkinvine shows up as a green dotted line on the map.)
  3. Then click on the location on the Pumpkinvine you want to look at. A box opens at the bottom of the map with a photo of that location.
  4. Click on the photo and the “trail view” will open. You may need to rotate the map to see the trail by grabbing the map and turning it left or right.
  5. You can move down the trail by clicking on the ^ arrow.
  6. Hit Escape to exit Street View.


Smart phone and tablet, too

You can also see a Pumpkinvine Nature Trail “trail view”  in Google Maps on your smart phone or tablet.

  1. Download Google Maps from Google Play (Android) or Apple App store.
  2. In the Google Maps app, navigate to or search for the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail.
  3. Once you see the trail, hold your finger on the location you want to see until a small picture frame of that location opens.
  4. Tap on the picture and a view of the trail will open.
  5. You may need to rotate the image to see the trail.