Sun and shade

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The temperature today was in the high 80s, so when my wife and I hit the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail around 2 p.m., it was felt oppressively hot. But as soon as we got on the Pumpkinvine at Abshire Park, we were in the shade of the trees that line the trail. It felt like someone had switched on the air conditioner. What a relief. As we road to County Road 33, we emerged from the trees into the two open areas that happen to be where the trail leaves the old railroad corridor, and again it was very hot.

I wonder if anyone has measured the difference in temperature between the sunny and shaded areas of the trail. Would the temperature be the same, and the difference just be how we feel out of the direct sunlight?

One consolation in these areas are the beautiful wildflowers that are currently in full bloom. The areas between County Road 127 and County Road 26 that were planted several years ago are showing their colors for the first time, and they are spectacular. finally mature.

The other interesting thing about these alternating hot and shaded areas is that the hot areas make me appreciate the shaded areas that much more. I slow down in them and speed up in the treeless areas. The rhythm makes the ride more interesting as well as more challenging.