Friends of the Pumpkinvine annual dinner, April 28

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The 14th Friends of the Pumpkinvine annual dinner will be held this Tuesday, April 28 at Greencroft Community Center. We have 278 people registered and have turned down another 18 who wanted to come.  That is 50 more people than registered last year. We don’t know why the increase.

Every year I debate whether or not to have the dinner, seeing as how it is a lot of work for the planners, primarily me. Although we have a committee that help with the planning, the actual work ends up with me. This is the sixth year that I’ve done the dinner, and I find that it doesn’t get a whole lot easier. Things like keeping track of the registrations, sending confirmation emails and postcards and making the name tags are a major action.

I’m starting the name tags now, or at least the last stage of preparing them, because I must first get the names in alphabetical order with the correct tables. What makes the name tags so hard is that they don’t feed all that well through the printer. I’m finished now and ruined seven sheets of name tags. I had to go to Wal-Mart to get more nametags.

I also made little Vegetarian and Gluten Free cards to put on the tables of those who want a special menu. At first I made them of 20 lb. paper, but since I was at Wal-Mart, I got some card stock and remade them so they stand up better.

Now I’m ready to go back to working on my presentation.