Leaving a legacy

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 I am frequently amazed at the generosity of people in our community who donate to the Friends of the Pumpkinvine year after year, some for 20 or more years. That generosity and community spirit is particularly poignant and noteworthy when it comes from seniors, because I know that they know they will not be able to enjoy their investment in the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail as long as young adults will be able to.

These seniors are donating for the future well being of the community, because they want to pass on the legacy of a wonderful linear park. They have the imagination to look 40 or 60 years ahead to when their grandchildren and great grandchildren will live in a world where green space is more limited. By this small gesture, they know that they have improved the quality of life in the community they inherited.

Seeing this generosity year after year never gets old. Still, I’m occasionally surprised, as I was this week, when we received a donation from a supporter who is 100 years old. What a profound affirmation of her faith in this rails-to-trails project. I’m humbled at the thought of a person at that age still investing in the community.