You save money on home energy costs and the Friends of the Pumpkinvine receive $25

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The Friends of the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail, Inc. have joined with Energizing Indiana in a program to reduce your home energy costs and also generates funds for the trail and.
Energizing Indiana will donate $25 to Friends of the Pumpkinvine for each household that completes a free home-energy assessment and designates Friends as their beneficiary. The assessment can lower your home’s energy consumption, improve your home’s air quality and increase your home’s value.
The best way to schedule an energy assessment with Energize Indiana is through a link to the Energizing Indiana website on our website homepage:   This link will take you to the Friends-of-the-Pumpkinvine scheduling page. It gives you the opportunity to schedule the assessment at your convenience and select the best appointment time. Here are the steps in the process.
  1. Schedule your energy assessment through the link at
  2. After you schedule the energy assessment, Energizing Indiana will contact you by phone to set up a time to make the assessment.
  3. Then a representative of Energizing Indiana will come to your home and make the assessment. It takes about an hour. On that visit, they will inspect your home’s exterior, attic, furnace and water heater and appliances for ways to reduce your energy bills. They will also bring an energy savings kit that includes 20 compact florescent light bulbs, energy-efficient faucet and shower heads and insulation for water heater pipes – all installed for free
  4. Finally, the Energizing Indiana representative will give you an energy-assessment report outlining weatherization steps that could improve your homes energy efficiency. You may or may not follow up on their suggestions at your own expense.

In short, the assessment and the energy saving kit are free, further weatherization is up to you, and for every assessment made through our website, Energizing Indiana will donate $25 to the Friends of the Pumpkinvine.
There are a few limitations to the program: your home must have been built before Jan. 1, 2010 and have had no utility sponsored energy assessment in the past three years.
I hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to save on your energy bills and at the same time support the Friends of the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail, Inc.