Cyclist killed crossing CR 127

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We received word this morning that the cyclist hit by an SUV last week while crossing CR 127 on the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail has died. Here’s the story: WNDU website.  Note that the article mistakenly calls CR 28 CR 128.

This road crossing is probably the most dangerous on the Pumpkinvine. Cars routinely speed over the hill north of the crossing and just as routinely bikers don’t stop or slow down to look to see if cars are coming at that intersection. The speeding cars have little time to slow down if a biker happens to be crossing the road as they speed down the hill.

The Friends of the Pumpkinvine wrote and received a grant in May to place signs on the road warning motorists of a trail crossing, but problems with the county sign-making process has delayed getting the signs up. The signs have come too late for Dale Ewers, 38.