Construction from CR 35 to CR 37

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Today, June 6, 2012, the workers had laid a base asphalt to within .25 miles of CR 35.  The asphalt was still warm when I rode it.  I talked to the workers, and they said the base would be done by the bike ride.

I saw six bikers and six walkers in the time I was there. Three riders came up CR 35 and turned into the driveway south of the trail, and I had to tell them they were in a driveway. I asked them where they were from and they said Louisville, Kentucky and Wabash, Ind.  The proceeded down the trail.

Another two riders came by and since they were on road bikes, they didn’t try to go on the gravel. They were from Syracuse. One couple walked from CR 37 to CR 35 and back.

The last four photos in this album are from today.Asphalt between CR 35 and CR 37