Article in Goshen News reflects enthusiasm for Pumpkinvine completion

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The lead article in the Goshen News today talks about the trail being finished in 2012. Goshen News article on Pumpkinvine, June 7, 2011We have been fortunate through the years to have had the support of the News. Numerous editorials through the years have highlighted the benefits of the trail for the community and encouraged its completion.
Their interest in the trail reflects the general interest in the community that I sense more and more. People constantly ask me when it will be done, and the bike shop owners I see also tell me that their customers ask them when it will be done.
The answer isn’t easy because so much depends on funding from INDOT and INDNR, who have funds for trails, but also many requests for those funds. And we don’t know what will happen next year. The word we hear from both agencies is that when Congress cuts spending, they will very likely cut funding for trails, that they don’t consider essential.  So if the trail doesn’t receive funding for construction this year, it could delay completion indefinitely.
— John Yoder