Local interest in the trail

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Yesterday I rode on the dead-end section of the trail that goes west from County Road 37, just to see how it was looking. At the end of the pavement, I met two Amish women who were stopped there. I stopped and said hello. They asked me if I knew what the corridor was like further west, and if they should attempt to ride it. One had a regular bike and the other a bike with a wagon hitched on behind. I told them it was fairly rough and with their loaded trailer, it would be better to turn around. They had seen that the trail was rough at CR 35, but thought perhaps it was just a small section that wasn’t paved.
Then the older woman asked me when the trail would be finished to CR 35. She lived on CR 35 and was anxious to use the trail to get into Middlebury. I told her it would be done next spring. She asked if they could go north from CR 22 into Middlebury (they didn’t seem to be aware that construction stopped at US 20), and I told her that would be finished next year, also.
To me it was another indication of the interest in the community to get the trail finished.