Construction update: May 13, 2011

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State Road 13 to CR 43: Not much has changed in this area. It is ready for paving. SR 13 to CR 43
CR 43 to CR 1150W:  Looking west from CR 43, this section looks like it could be ready to pave soon. No new pictures.

CR 1150W to CR 1100W:  Major work was done in this section to grade and fill the area that was off the original corridor. CR 1150 W to CR 1100 W

CR 1100W to CR 1000W:  Workers were grading a smoothing this section. It is going to be a beautiful mile of trail with lots of trees and interesting fields. CR 1100 W to 1000 W

CR 1000W to CR 900W:  Grading has begun in this section. CR 1000 W to 900 W

CR 900W to CR 850W:  The mounds of dirt haven’t changed much here. CR 900W to CR 850W