Construction update: Middlebury to Shipshewana

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Last Friday, April 29, I was able to ride or walk along a good section of the trail between CR 45 and the Shipshewana end at CR 850 W. It was a sunny and mild day, but no one was working! Yet I saw much evident of progress on the trail from the last time I was there a month before. They are working for the most part from west to east, except for the section at the east end that has a lot of dirt moved.

Here’s a breakdown of the six areas:

State Road 13 to CR 43:  This section is graded and ready for paving. There is a new restroom at CR 43. This section has the second longest bridge on the Pumpkinvine. The trail dead ends behind the DQ due to unresolved issues with INDOT. SR 4 to CR 43

CR 43 to CR 1150W: This section has a bridge that needs extensive work. The trail is graded. Many wildflowers grow in this area. CR 43 to CR 1150W

CR1150W to CR 1100W: This section has the fewest trees between Middlebury and Shipshewana, so it seemed a logical area to plant trees. It also diverts from the old railroad bed to by pass a farm house, requiring more ground work than on the old rail bed. Trees planted and digging new trail bed

CR 1100W to CR 1000W:  It doesn’t look like much work has been done on this section. CR 1100 W to CR 1000W

CR 1000W to CR 900W: Not much work has been done in this area either: CR 1000 W to 900 W

CR 900W to CR 850W: Much moving of dirt at the east end of the trail as seen in these photos. Major construction