Riding the Pumpkinvine on a sunny day in mid-March

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Trail conditions on March 16, 2011We haven’t had many warm days so far this year. On the contrary, the weather has been cold and wet, in other words, not the best weather for riding on the trail. There is the additional factor of the wet weather making the limestone section of the trail from SR 4 to CR 28 too soft to ride for many narrow-tired bikes and for the tires to throw the wet limestone onto the bike.

So, with those wet conditions, I have not ridden on the trail yet this year — until today. When the temperature hit 59 degrees, the sun was shining, and I had finished my work that had to be done, I decided that I wanted to see what condition the trail surface was in. I decided to take my mountain bike, in case the limestone was soft.

I needn’t have worried. The surface, though rutted from bikers who had ridden when it was soft, was solid. I saw a number of skinny-tired bikes breezing along. I was surprised by how many people I saw:  joggers, couples pushing a baby, bikers going full tilt like they were in training, and others out for a stroll,all like me, enjoying and putting to good use the first sunny day of spring-like weather.