Exercising helps you live longer and look better

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The British Journal of Sports Medicine (March 2008) reported that people who exercise regularly live an average of 12 years longer than non-exercisers.

Living longer is a wonderful thing. Looking better while doing it is a very nice side effect.
            “Most middle-aged and older athletes look significantly younger than non-exercisers of the same age,” asserts cycling physician Dr. Gabe Mirkin.  The doc’s bottom line: “Following the training methods of competitive athletes allows fit older people to run, cycle and do other sports at close to the level of much younger athletes. Recent studies show that intense exercise may also slow the effects of aging on their hearts and muscles as well as their cells.”
            But remember, he cautions, “Intense exercise can cause heart attacks in people with blocked arteries. Check with your doctor before you increase the intensity of your exercise program.”
            For more details on telomeres, check the New York Times article, “How Exercising Keeps Your Cells Young.”  RoadBikeRider.com Newsletter. Issue No. 429 – 02/11/10: