Trail conditions

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Although the warm weather of the past week has melted the snow from the asphalt sections of the trail between CR 28 and CR 33, the section in the city of Goshen between CR 28 and SR 4 is still very soggy. I wouldn’t recommend trying to ride it on a bike, even a mountain bike.

Trail managers everywhere debate the vitues of a crushed limestone surface vs. asphalt. This time of year the hard surface comes out ahead because it doesn’t get waterlogged like the limestone does in the sprng. At other times of the year when it rains alot, the asphalt can have puddles while the limestone is puddle free because the water drains away. Overall, the nod goes to asphalt in regard to wet conditions. Another disadvantage of limestone is that can easily coat the bike (and biker) with dust and stones when it is wet, making for a major clean up after a ride.

The biggest advantage of limestone is that it won’t break up from tree roots pushing up from beneath the trail. Even though trail managers cut the vegetation back from he trail by up to five feet, the tree roots and other vegetation eventally have a way of breaking up the surface.