Blog topics

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What would be some of the topic a Friends blog would address?
  1. Drafts of articles for the newsletter, particularly “From the president.”
  2. Outline of the newsletter.
  3. Breaking news, e.g., a law suit settled
  4. Trail history. Many people don’t know how it got started
  5. Notes from board meetings, i.e., major decisions.
  6. Announcements of mailings.
  7. Announcements of coming events.
    • Wildflower walks
    • Annual dinner
    • Bike ride
    • Trail walks
    • Maple City mini-marathon
    • Trail openings or groundbreakings
    • Work parties
  8. Report on events like the bike ride, annual meeting, work parties.
  9. Answers to questions about the trail from the website. 
  10. Profiles of a trail users.
  11. Profiles of board members.  
  12. Profiles of adjacent landowners who are supporters
  13. Requests for feedback on trail-related topic. 
  14. Benefits of being a corporate sponsor
  15. Trail maps
  16. Trail etiquette
  17. Photos
    • Trail construction
    • Bike ride
    • Variety of users
    • Work parties

How often would a post occur?  I’m thinking it would be once or twice a week.